About Me



Kirsten Elise Dunn is a local real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and author who refuses to allow life experiences to define her. When Dunn was born, her mother had a blood transfusion and contracted HIV, which essentially caused her parent’s death. At the tender age of 13, Dunn ended up in the foster care system and became a victim of sexual abuse. Determined to make something of her life despite this hellacious act, Dunn obtained a cheerleading scholarship to Grambling State University.

With a lack of guidance, Dunn found herself in a toxic relationship that introduced her to the other side of the law. At 19, Dunn got pregnant with her first son and spent the first five years of his life incarcerated. Reaching a breaking point upon her release from prison and determined to do purposeful work, Dunn went back to school and obtained a Master Optician Certification.

After managing a retail optical store for a few years and creating a name for herself in real estate, Dunn’s personal and human experiences are examples of what it means to start over. To change your life around and live your true, meaningful purpose.

As the future Mayor of Atlanta, Kirsten Else Dunn plans to unify the community through policies, programming, and healing under ONE ATLANTA. 



Here’s what ONE ATLANTA looks like for all of us:

  • HEAL THE PEOPLE, STOP THE CRIME! Work in collaboration with local law enforcement, neighborhood associations and community advocates to deploy traditional and non-traditional methods of prevention and intervention under the Cease Fire Initiative.
  • IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT of more health services for all residents of Atlanta (mental health, general health, vision, and dental).
  • QUALITY SERVICE to “unhoused” residents to provide suitable living arrangements.
  • SMALL BUSINESS TRAINING CLASSES for the overlooked and underestimated community (felons, veterans, recent college graduates, high school graduates, young entrepreneurs, LGBTQIA, business owners, non-profits, etc).
  • POSITIONING ATLANTA AS THE PREMIER TECH HUB in the U.S. My goal is to continue expanding the entertainment industry and provide more opportunities for aspiring entertainers and artists.
  • INCREASE THE CITY’S FOCUS on developing more small, diverse businesses throughout the city.
  • IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF PUBLIC-SCHOOL EDUCATION in the community and provide more resources and support to homeschooled students.
  • GENERATE MORE INITIATIVES FOR HOMEOWNERSHIP and provide financial literacy training to all residents.

We will be releasing the One Atlanta App. On this app, you will be able to access resources in your neighborhood, vote on issues that are being decided by city leadership, and stay updated on all local, state, and federal elections.