As the fastest-growing cultural and economic hub in America, it is imperative for us to all come together at such a prevalent time in history. Our city is home to many thriving industries, including aerospace, transportation, film, television, information technology, and more!

What appalls me is seeing the city divided, between old and new Atlanta. For our city to thrive, our communities must come together and stop the war on crime. We must create more unity and push for more changes at the top.

ONE ATLANTA is an ecosystem for all. Our voices together are much stronger than a solo voice standing on its own. Together, we can overcome such threats to our city, to our neighborhoods, and most importantly, to our families. I am running for mayor because I truly believe we can unify collectively and continue the historical legacy of our city.

Kirsten Elise Dunn.

Kirsten Elise Dunn is a local real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and author who refuses to allow life experiences to define her. When Dunn was born, her mother had a blood transfusion and contracted HIV, which essentially caused her parent’s death. At the tender age of 13, Dunn ended up in the foster care system and became a victim of sexual abuse. Determined to make something of her life despite this hellacious act, Dunn obtained a cheerleading scholarship to Grambling State University.


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